Mastro Commercial - Jan 30, 2015

Another great spot Directed by Grant has just started airing nationally on the CBC to promote Chef Daniel Mezzolo’s monthly segments on Steven & Chris.

“It was amazing getting to shoot in the Steven & Chris studio with my PMG Team and the incredible CBC Crew.” – Grant

Client – Mastro & San Daniele
Agency – Inventa
Creative Director – Rob Ciancamerla
Producer – Jean-François Bérubé
Director – Grant Padley
Cinematographer – Rion Gonzales
Camera – Rafi Mishan & Marc Drapeau
Editor & Graphics – Anthony Adamo
Colour – CBC Canada



Modern Optical Spot - Jan 25, 2015

With Concept and Direction by PMG’s own Grant Padley this new spot is the first in a series being rolled out by Modern Optical on multiple platforms over 2015.

Producer – Gary Sarantopoulos
Director & Concept – Grant Padley
Cinematographer – Finbar St. John
Editor & Motion Graphics – Anthony Adamo
Color Grading – Jay Film
Music – “Island Dubstep” Mak Media Studios



Time Lapse… - Jan 21, 2015

A short time ago Grant Directed a spot for Mastro & San Daniele deli meats to air on the CBC nationally. On a whim we set up a Lumix GH4 Camera at the back of the set shooting time-lapse of the production.




Mastro & San Daniele Shoot - Jan 13, 2015

Grant had the pleasure of working on the CBC’s Steven & Chris set to Direct a national spot for Mastro & San Daniele starring renowned Executive Chef, Daniel Mezzolo of SohoHouse Toronto. We’ll keep you updated at the spot goes into post and will be airing nationally Jan 26th.

“It was amazing working with Daniel Mezzolo and the Mastro / San Daniele team. JF and the whole crew from CBC did a world class job” – Grant



Welcome To The New Website - Jan 9, 2015

PMG’s own Robert French has been busy chipping away at this new site for a while… and now with much ballyhoo welcome to the new site! If there was one over riding influence to the site it was the work of Lella & Massimo Vignelli who in our mind’s are the most brilliant team of Graphic Designers to have walked the earth. We kept things clean, simple, and grid like. We also wanted something where the work spoke for itself and nothing more. Also, a few words about Tara’s contribution to the site giving small insights here and there that really shaped the “vibe” of the site. – G

Creative Direction – Grant Padley

Site Build – Robert French

PMG Logo Design – Danyon Reeves




Branded Content Reel - Jan 1, 2015

It’s only upon reflection do we realize how lucky we are. Over the past month the PMG Team working with Lead Editor Anthony Adamo has been working away on a new Branded Content Reel to coincide with the launch of the new website. PMG wants to say thanks to all the great Brands, Companies, and Agencies for the opportunity to work on such incredible projects. We also want to say thanks to all our Crew + Suppliers for being not only amazing to work with but superb at what they do. 😉

Clients Featured…
Mode Media I P&G I Abreva. Miracle 10 Cosmetics, Clairol, Vassi Menswear, Portland Stewart, Daniela Nardi, Hazelton Lanes, Winners, YYZ Living Magazine, Bustle, Evan Biddell , Coors I Bensimon Byrne, Elmer Olsen Models, PUSH, Suzanne Rogers, Glam Media I Garnier , Target Canada, TIDE I Rogers Communications, Modern Optical, Joe Fresh Style, Skinny Girl Cocktails, HomeSense, PIA I Elemental, Holt Renfrew, Bayview Village.

Big Thanks to Trevor Lambert for the sweet remix of “Take Over The World” by the Courteeners.





Happy New Year -

The Tara, myself, and the whole PMG are all about positivity. So it being a new year all about fresh starts we wanted to say a few words wishing everyone a happy, healthy, prosperous 2015. We also want to say a big thanks to all our family, friends, and business associates who have been so incredibly supportive in this the PMG venture.




Jesse Arrigo Gala - Dec 22, 2014

If you know Grant then you’ve heard about Jesse Arrigo. Jesse is one of the most remarkable people in our families lives. In 2011 Jesse drowned in a pond in his grandparents back yard. Little hope was given for his survival let along any sort of recovery. Jesse’s progress has been nothing short of a miracle. Grant has created a number of short films about Jesse to raise awareness and funds. Now more than ever the family needs help and money has been getting tighter the past year. PMG with for great folks at DreamWorld Events is putting together a Gala in late April with the goal of raising $100K for Jesse’s on going care.

You can find out more at



Bron Halpin Trio Shoot - Dec 7, 2014

Grant just had an incredible night shooting at Trench Studio for the Bron Halpin Trio. The lads were busy laying tracks down for their new album as Grant did his reportage thing floating about the room getting bits and bobs of cool footage. Big thanks to Desia and the team at Trench.

Photo Credit: David Crowder




MODE Media I Clairol - Dec 5, 2014

This online series for Mode Media Canada was a massive logistical undertaking shooting 12 Make Over Video’s over a 3 day period on 3 floors of Hair on the Avenue in Yorkville.

Client – Mode Media & Clairol (P&G Canada)
Producers – Rachel Taylor & Grant Padley
Director – Grant Padley
Creative Direction – Andrea Miller
Logistics – Danielle Black
Cinematography by Jay Guerriere
Editor – Anthony Adamo



Vassi Menswear Spot - Nov 15, 2014

Producer Paul Mason approached Grant & PMG to create a sexy one off viral campaign for Vassi Menswear that simply showed how a great wardrobe empowers the wearer. This fashion short shot exclusively at First Canadian Place in Toronto went on to become the cornerstone of Vassi’s Fall / Winter marketing.

Director – Grant Padley
Producer – Paul Mason
Creative Direction – Andre Vassighi
Cinematographer – Rion Gonzales
Editor – Anthony Adamo
Colorist – Jay Guerriere
Models – Alana Brockle & Arvin




New PMG Site Coming… - Nov 5, 2014

I excited to announce we’ve started work with our own Robert French on a new PMG website we are targeting launch first week of Jan 2015. Kick starting PMG has been a real labour of love for Tara and I so getting to the point where can fully brand a site the way we want is the next big step in the companies evolution.



Abreva “Lip Service” - Oct 27, 2014

P&G needed something fun and flirty for Abreva Lip Care. A tough nut to crack at the best of times. Working in concert with Mode Media, Grant and the PMG Team knocked it out of the park with this high energy “How To”.

Client – P&G

Director – Grant Padley
Producers – Andrea Miller, Rachel Taylor, Grant Padley
Cinematographer – Jay Guerriere
Editor – Anthony Adamo
Studio – Fizheye



Miracle 10 Cosmetics - Oct 17, 2014

Grant’s track record in the Beauty Industry is top notch with his work for L’Oreal and P&G. Yorkville based Miracle 10 Cosmetics approached the team to create a series of five “How To” video’s showcasing the brands incredible line of skin care products.

Client – Miracle 10 Cosmetics
Creative Direction – Alexa Cain
Director / Producer – Grant Padley
Cinematographer – Mike Perdue
Editor – Anthony Adamo



Free Them March - Oct 6, 2014

Earlier this year I met Shae Invidiata’s and got to hear more about her charity Free Them. Human Trafficing is something that is right at our back doors not just some far away land. Every day across the GTA and around the world daughters and son’s are being exploited and held against the will. Myself and the PMG were happy to jump in a cover the Free Them March Sept 27th here in Toronto & Ottawa. Our hope is we can shine a light on this awful issue and change the laws in Canada to more reflect the punishment human traffickers warrant. – Grant



Corporate Communications Reel - Sep 15, 2014

Anthony has just put the finishing touches on the latest PMG Corporate Communications Reel featuring great work for Babies R Us, Birks, BMW, CNIB, Canadian Dealmakers, Government of Ontario, Hermes,, Hudson’s Bay, Investors Group, Joe Fresh Style, McDonalds, McLeish Orlando, Mercedes Benz, Merchants of Green Coffee, Miracle 10 Cosmetics, Personal Injury Alliance, Thomson Rueters, Toys R Us, Venture Communications, WalMart, and Waterkeeper.



PMG F/W 2014 Lifestyle Promo - Sep 1, 2014

A sexy Lifestyle Film shot exclusively by PMG in the FREED Building in Toronto showing just how far amazing Real Estate Marketing can go. This was filmed over a 2 day period on an incredibly tight schedule with an amazing crew who we owe all the thanks.

Agency – Portland Stewart
Directed & Produced by Grant Padley
Co-Producered by Panos Katsigiannis & Morad Affifi
Cinematography by Jay Guerriere
Edited by Emily Van Praet
Effects by Anthony Adamo
Styling by Nadia Pizzimenti of Judy Inc.
Make Up by Carmelle Da Roza of Page One Mgmt.
Models Courtney Fallow & Fraser Roseburgh
Production Company PMG Inc



YYZ Living Magainze - Aug 22, 2014

Grant is ecstatic to announce PMG is creating a 6 part online series for Thomas Jacob & YYX Living Magazine. This series will give viewers the unique chance to see how the latest issue is created from conception, production, and finally release.



Mode Media Shoot - Jul 10, 2014

An amazing day at FizEye Studio today shooting a funky spot for Mode Media and Abreva. Big thanks to Andrea, Danielle, Rachel and the whole crew who did an incredible job.





Vassi Menswear - Jul 27, 2014

Producer Paul Mason brought Director Grant Padley and Cinematographer Rion Gonzales on board to create the latest campaign for Vassi Menswear. This sassy little vignette was shot on location at the First Canadian Place with models Alana Brockle & Arvin.



Miracle 10 Shoot - Jul 5, 2014

The PMG just wrapped shooting an online beauty series for Miracle 10 Cosmetics with the wonderful Ann Marie MacDonald & Elizabeth Lista. Shot exclusively in the Yorkville Miracle 10 showroom the team were able to nail some incredible custom content which will be rolling out in a couple months. Big thanks to Jane Connell and Alexa Cain for bringing this one together!





About PMG… - Jun 25, 2014

Where do I start? PMG is a dream come true of sorts for me. The chance to do things the way I’ve always wanted to do them and surround myself with a dream team of collaborators. Over the past few years I came to feel there was a real need for a more intimate stripped down approach to advertising. To simplify things to it’s barest essentials. At my heart I’m a storyteller and visualist who loves the advertising biz. So, starting PMG is an extension of my mantra’s as a Producer, Director, and Entrepreneur. But most importantly to me PMG was the chance to work with my wife of 15 years Tara who is the companies COO. She gives me the space to do what I do best while holding down the fort.  With that cornerstone in place we brought on board Rion Gonzales as our Head of Production, Anthony Adamo as Lead Editor, and then lined up award winning Producer / Director’s Mike Ward, Jim Morrison IV, and Mitch Belman who all have heart stopping CV’s. With this core group the only way now is up.


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